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What are the cookies?

“Cookies” means a small text or data transmitted to the device (computer, laptop, tablet, or telephone) to be stored and can be requested back by the sender. The cookies may have various functions: from the keeping of your “logged” status, while you are filling in a given registration form, through the storing of your language preferences when you are visiting our website, to the tracking of your behavior while surfing the internet, sometimes for a considerable period of time and regardless of the used device: in the latter case, as well as in all other similar cases, such a cookie may not be used without your prior consent to that effect, given after obtaining detailed information.

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) introduces or reinforces substantial legal mechanisms to the benefit of the data subjects. Herein below, we have mentioned some of these mechanisms which are relevant to the personal data processing in relation to the use of digital assets.

“Digital asset” – the website

“Plug-in” – third party software embedded in the digital asset of TESY and relevant to the tracking of the consumer behavior and/or providing for the operation of a given functionality through the transmission to the third party domain.

“Information Society Services” means any service normally provided for remuneration, at a distance, by electronic means. The recipient of such service must have expressly requested it. The e-commerce is such a service as well.


Why and how do we use cookies?

We can simultaneously use session cookies (which are terminated upon the closing of the web browser) and persistent cookies (which remain on your computer until deleted), in order to improve your use of the website

In principle, we do not create an individual profile of your online activity. The content of the attached cookie is limited to an identifier. The cookies are not associated with a specific name, e-mail address, or IP address.


Categories of Cookies

The cookies that we use are:

·         absolutely necessary: without these cookies, you cannot make full use of our website and its functionalities;

·         cookies enhancing the operation of the digital asset: these cookies collect information relating to the way in which the visitors are using the website, for example which are the pages that they access most frequently. These cookies do not collect information relating of a particular visitor. The entire information collected by the cookies of this group is generalized and therefore it is anonymous. Their only purpose is to enhance the operation of the website. These cookies allow the website to operate better. We do not track your surfing habits through these cookies;

·         targeting or advertising: these cookies are used for marketing and advertising purposes. The cookies may be used for tracking of the consumer behavior, limiting the advertising impressions or measuring the effectiveness of a given advertising campaign. These cookies also contribute to the determining of the effectiveness of certain online marketing channels.


List of Third Parties


Third parties Purposes

Google Analytics Consumer behavior

Google AdWords Advertising

Google Tag Manager Advertising

Facebook pixel Advertising

Yandex pixel Advertising

DoubleClick Advertising

MathTag Advertising




We make use of the functions provided to us by the Google codes, in order to measure the visitor rate of our site in terms of number and frequency of the visits. We do not use these functions, in order to collect personal data or individual IP addresses; the data that we receive are generalized and anonymized; they are used for statistical purposes and for enhancing of the user’s experience on our website.

Nevertheless, the so collected data are accessible to Google and may be combined, in accordance with their policies and conditions, with other data that Google already possesses about your identity or your device, your behavior in the digital environment, your search preferences. The personal data combined by Google, including those collected through the digital assets of Tesy, may be used by the search engine for other purposes, as detailed in its personal data privacy policy, including behavioral advertising. Therefore, data to Google Analytics will only be provided with your prior consent, which subsequently may be withdrawn at any time.

You can find further information about the cookies attached by Google through our site at:

You can find information about Facebook pixel at: 

You can find information about Yandex pixel at: 

You can find information about DoubleClick at: 

You can find information about MathTag at: 

Your consent is a necessary condition for the attaching of cookies which are not absolutely necessary or those enhancing the operation of our digital asset, which collect only generalized, anonymous information, not identifying you as a user of TESY’s digital asset.


Cookie Management

You can use our products and services even without consenting to the cookies, which are attached to your device only with your consent as described herein above. You can delete the cookies from the hard disk of your device at any time (file: “cookies”). Please, be informed that this might prevent your access to certain elements of our site and deteriorate its functioning.

The settings of most web browsers already provide an opportunity for the preliminary control of the attaching of cookies.

If you access our digital asset through a mobile device, you might not be able to deactivate the cookies through the settings of your internet browser.

For further information, as well as in relation to the exercise of your rights as data subjects, please also consult our Personal Data Privacy Policy, or contact us at



This Policy enters into force as from the date specified in the beginning, provided that it may be amended subsequently. The update of the Policy enters into force on the day it is published on If you visit after an amendment of the Policy, you will be bound by the new Cookies Use and Management Policy.

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