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Heat Pump


TESY AquaThermica Heat Pump | Warmtepomp.png

Here (PDF) you can find additional information about the product and the full technical specifics

AquaThermica is a new generation heat pump with LCD touch display, improved user experience, innovative solutions and reliable European quality. 


The AquaThermica heat pump is an environmentally friendly product that can work with renewable energy sources, which contributes to a clean environment by significantly reducing CO2 emissions.

  • The highest energy efficiency class A+ in its category, according to ErP regulations.

  • Operates within a wide temperature range of the incoming air starting from -10°C. to 43°C.

  • Heats up water to 65° C with the heat pump only.

  • Electric heating element for faster heating up and reaching of higher temperature of 75° C.

  • Highly efficient with a precisely balanced refrigerant cycle due to an electronically commutated motor and an electronic expansion valve.

  • Up to 75% lower electricity consumption.

  • Can be connected to other renewable energy sources like PV and solar systems or boilers.

  • Pragammable with an user friendly control panel.

  • Automatic anti-legionella cycle.

  • Self-diagnostic system.


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